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From Phill and Rosy Goddard – Former owners 74ft Schooner “Wild Knight”

Not wanting to put the sale of our rather unusual and much loved Blue water vessel in the hands of any old yacht broker; you know, talking to someone different every time, and with little knowledge of yachts which don’t fall into the usual categories, and just be another number on their books, trawling through the endless yacht broker list I kept coming back to

What a wise choice.

Though not the usual blue water vessel on his books, John Rodriguez took her on with enthusiasm and genuine interest, which never faltered.

It took a while, not being a modern class yacht and by nature she did attract some dreamers who could not quite bring themselves to say either yes or no, which was at times challenging and time consuming for all of us. But John was always the steady man at the helm keeping the spirits of the crew high and navigating us through a few storms and rocky outcrops along the way.

Send him a late night /early morning e-mail and you will probably be shocked to find it comes straight back with an answer!

Eventually he matched her up with just the right buyers, and now we have all moved on, we really miss the friend we made along the way.

John is simply really good at what he does and he does it with courtesy, good humor, patience and integrity and a lot of hard and dedicated effort, which often went beyond the call of duty.

In fact John demonstrates all those important values that are so often lost today, yet his well-oiled skills are delivered in a cutting edge manner effectively and efficiently. He deserves to continue to have a successful and growing yacht brokerage.

We are indebted to you John.

With thanks and affection,

Phil and Rosy

(Sellers 74ft Schooner “Wild Knight”)

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